Thinner SRA

UN-800 is a powerful bending solvent for partial repair. It is used to dissolve the junctions between the new and old paint film and fuse them to get a perfect mending effect.


   Mix Ratio
(by volume)
It can be applied to the junction directly without mixing in advance. If required, mix with the rest paint inside the spray gun and thinner SRA. The mix ration: UN-800 thinner SRA 0.4 parts, rest paint in the spray gun: 0.6 parts
   Spray Gun &
Air Pressure
Gravity type: 1.2~1.5mm, 2 Pa
Suction type: 1.4~1.6mm
   Spray Method Spray the junction position slightly at once after finish the painting, and spray again after 15 seconds
  Substrate Dissolved solid coating, clearcoat, the junction between the new and old positions
Do not mix with M & P series paint
  Packaging 1L x 10 tins/ctn
  Shelf Life 5 years
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