Our hardener are suitable for two pack stoving varnish and clearcoat.


   Mix Ratio
(by volume)
2K coating: 2 parts
Hardener: 1 part
Thinner: 0.1~0.3 parts
  Pot Life 4 hours@20℃
   Spray Gun &
Air Pressure
Gravity type: 1.2~1.5mm, 3~4Pa
Suction type: 1.4~1.6mm
   Spray Method Choose the hardener according to the temperature, mix the hardener with 2K paint, spray 2 single layer coating, volatilization time of each layer: 5 to 10 minutes
Drying Time It depends by the temperature and the type of the hardener
  Substrate Unic base coat and clear coat
  Packaging 2L x 4 tins/ctn, 1L x 10 tins/ctn
  Shelf Life 2 years
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