Fast Drying Clearcoat

UN-8008 is super fast drying clearcoat, the application function is good and it is fast drying coat. The scratch resistance and hardness is good, as well as good exterior durability. It is suitable to spray the high class and middle class vehicles and the whole car body.


   Mix Ratio
(by volume)
Clearcoat(UN-8008): 2 parts
Hardener(UN-8101,8102,8103):1 part
Thinner(UN-6001,UN-6002,UN-6003):0.1~0.15 parts
  Pot Life 2~3 hours@20℃
   Spray Gun &
Air Pressure
Gravity type: 1.2~1.3mm, 3~4Pa
Suction type: 1.4~1.6mm, 60μm
   Spray Method 2-3 single coating to coverage (volatilization time of each layer:15 to 20 minutes)
Drying Time 40 minutes to 1 hour@18℃
  Substrate Unic brand base coating
  Packaging 4L x 4 tins/ctn, 1L x 10 tins/ctn
  Shelf Life 5 years
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