2K Solid Colour Topcoat

High quality 2K acrylic solid colour paints with high gloss, good exterior durability, good build, high end hardness, and good adhesion for high class cars. It is used for new vehicle parts or repair.


   Mix Ratio
(by volume)
2K Solid colour paints(UN-S series): 2 parts
Hardener(UN-8101,UN-8102,UN-8103): 1 part
Thinner(UN-6001,UN-6002,UN-6003): 0.3~0.5 parts
*Choose the materials according to the temperature
  Pot Life 2.5hours@20℃
   Spray Gun &
Air Pressure
Gravity type: 1.2~1.5mm,4Pa
Suction type: 1.4~1.6mm
   Spray Method 2-3 single coating to coverage (volatilization time of each layer:15 to 20 minutes)
Drying Time 24 hours@20℃, 45 minutes@70℃
Keep the coating for 15 to 20 minutes before baking
   Sanding Before spray: P360~P400 by dry sanding or P600~P800 by wet sanding. After spray: P360~P400 by wet sanding or P800~ P1000 by wet sanding
  Substrate OEM paint、steel surface、Fiber Reinforced Plastics、surface of putty
Thermal plasticity acrylic paint or alloy base coat
  Packaging 1L x 6 tins/ctn
  Shelf Life 5 years
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